Work Injuries

If you suffer a job-related injury in New Jersey, there are legal safeguards in place to ensure you get the medical care and financial support you need. The system is designed to be “no fault,” meaning employer negligence is not an issue. You may think, therefore, that you won’t need a personal injury lawyer. Think again.

Permanent Disability

In most cases, people recover from their work injuries, and life goes on. You may find, however, that your work-related injury or illness has progressed to the point that you won’t be returning to your job. In this instance, you’ll need to apply for permanent disability and, as it’s your obligation to prove the extent of your work injuries, you’ll need an attorney’s help. Because employment law is a complex field, choose a New Jersey personal injury lawyer with documented experience in workers’ comp cases. He’ll help you obtain the medical evidence you need to present your case and obtain the benefits to which you’re entitled.

Insurance Defenses

New Jersey law requires your employer to pay for medical care and a percentage of lost income while you recuperate from your work injuries. Occasionally, however, their insurer will not wish to comply. You may find that they question whether or not your condition is related to your work, or they may accuse you of misbehavior on the job, thereby bringing the injury on yourself. Because statutes of limitation apply, insurers may simply declare that you’ve run out of time to file a claim. A personal injury attorney will help you cut through these objections, so that you can focus on your recovery, not on legal battles.

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