Truck Accidents

Forty tons of metal, 70 feet long, traveling at 70 mph…towards you. Semi accidents are the stuff of every driver’s nightmare, and the amount of truck traffic in New Jersey means that, unfortunately, some of those nightmares come true. Truck accidents happen. Fortunately, if one happens to you, an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer can help.

Due to the size and speeds involved, truck-vs.-car accidents are very often serious. Car occupants can suffer head trauma, spinal cord injuries, significant organ damage and fractures–or even death. Many injuries will require months of recuperation, leading to lost income and tremendous medical costs. Occasionally, a person’s injuries will require lifelong nursing care. In the case of a death, surviving family members will struggle, not only with the pain of sudden grief, but with funeral and burial costs and the loss of support their loved one provided.

When you purchased car insurance, you probably selected the “lawsuit limitation” option, choosing lower premiums. In most cases, this stipulation holds, limiting your ability to sue for damages suffered due to a collision. However, it is not in force in the case of truck accidents.

Should you, or a family member, be injured in a truck accident, you should immediately retain an experienced personal injury lawyer. Working on a contingency basis, your attorney will use their firm’s investigative team of medical professionals, trucking experts and other accident specialists to determine whether or not the truck driver was at fault, and to what degree. By establishing negligence, due to fatigue, poor truck maintenance, substance use, traffic violations, or other irresponsibility, your Jersey personal injury lawyer will be able to ensure that you collect a settlement that will cover your medical and/or funeral costs, and compensate you for pain and suffering.

No, not just any lawyer will do. For truck accidents, you need to seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury lawyer, and the best ones in New Jersey can be found through Jersey Personal Injury, a website dedicated to teaming personal injury lawyers with the cases that best fit their areas of expertise.

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