Taser Injuries and Death

Traditionally, the Taser was manufactured to be used against violent perpetrators who were resisting arrest, causing physical harm, or were an immediate risk to others. Law enforcement officers from all over New Jersey were given Tasers as a way to safely and quickly incapacitate such people without the use of unnecessary force (use of their guns); unfortunately, Tasers have become more and more a way for officers to commit brutality, and Taser injuries and deaths are the result.

Tasers, after a single shot, can cause such conditions as: neurological damage, severe burns, shoulder dislocation, fractures, heart attack, stroke, and hearing and/or vision loss. In many cases law enforcement officers will “tase” a perpetrator more than once, which only compounds the above conditions. Advances in Taser technology have provided law enforcement with a Taser gun that can be used at longer range than the traditional hand held Taser. These types of Tasers use barbed projectiles that actually penetrate the skin and will cause bleeding and puncture wounds.

There are many who have medical conditions that can easily be made worse and can become fatal after being shocked by a police issued Taser. Very few police officers can or will take the time to ascertain if their target has a medical condition that can be aggravated by Taser use.

Taser injuries and deaths are increasing in number by the year.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed after being tased unnecessarily by police, you have the right to seek justice, and the only place you can turn it to the personal injury experts through Jersey Personal Injury. New Jersey personal injury lawyers have the years of experience, skills, and knowledge to provide New Jersey residents with the legal counsel and help they need to settle Taser injury and death cases, without depending on police investigators to get the facts.

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