Spinal Injury

According to the CDC, over 200,000 Americans are currently living with a spinal injury, with approximately 12-20,000 new people joining that number each year. Spinal cord injuries usually have very serious outcomes: permanent paralysis, disability, or death.

A Question of Negligence

The majority of spinal injuries involve negligence or reckless behavior. Should you or a loved one, suffer a spinal injury, consult a New Jersey personal injury attorney to determine if negligence was involved. For example, if the injury was the result of a diving accident, your legal team will want to know if the pool depth was correctly marked, or if warning signs were posted. If you were injured in an auto accident, investigators will want to learn who was at fault, and if reckless driving or a DUI was involved. Even if your spinal injury was due to someone else’s criminal act, the property owner could be held liable if he didn’t take proper precautions against illegal activities.

Why a Lawsuit?

Many people are hesitant to sue. They feel responsible for their problems, value their relationship with the defendant, or simply want to “move on.” Unfortunately, the nature of a spinal injury is such that the patient will need several surgeries, extensive rehabilitation, and even lifelong medical care. This isn’t free, and most people don’t have enough insurance to cover the cost. A lawsuit may be the only way you can afford treatment, or replace lost wages. Your Jersey personal injury lawyer can estimate present and future expenses, ensuring an adequate settlement. And if your injuries are truly the result of unsafe conditions, a lawsuit may be necessary to foment change. The New Jersey statute of limitations applies; if you or a loved one has suffered a spinal injury contact a personal injury attorney today- don’t wait, contact Jersey Personal Injury immediately.

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