Public Transportation Accidents

When you elect to take New Jersey public transportation, you are trusting that your safety is a priority. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and many times public transportation accidents have victims that don’t know where to turn. New Jersey personal injury cases can be tricky, especially when they involve city or county public transportation. If you’ve been injured in a public transportation facility (bus station, train station, bus stop), or in a bus accident or train accident, you have the right to file charges, but knowing more about your rights is the key to winning your case.

How do public transportation accidents happen?

Causes of public transportation accidents are usually human error or equipment malfunction. If you’re hit by a bus or a train, you have the right to file charges. If you slip and fall in a public transportation facility because the floor is slippery and there were no signs posted, you have the right to file charges. You have rights, but what are your rights and who will fight for them? The answer is: Jersey Personal Injury and the many New Jersey personal injury lawyers available to offer advice, answer your questions, and offer their services for your case.

Who’s at fault?

If you and your wheelchair fall from the bus steps and you suffer injury who fault is it? Is it the bus driver who may have failed to operate the special stair lift correctly, or is it the facility mechanics who failed to fix faulty equipment, or is it the manufacturer for fabricating faulty equipment? Where can you go for medical care for your bus injury? Who is supposed to pay the bills for your train injury? There are many questions to ask in public transportation accident cases, but you don’t have to go searching for the answers when you contact and speak with a personal injury lawyer who has years of experience in New Jersey personal injury law.

When you step on the bus or ride the train, you should feel safe and secure placing your life and well-being in the hands of your city or county public transportation.Bus accidents and train accidents aren’t your fault, and you deserve the help and attention offered by our personal injury lawyers.

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