Product Liability

When we buy something, we assume it’s safe. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Just a cursory examination of the Consumer Products Safety Commission website reveals a long list of current product recalls and pages of product-related injury statistics–and those are only the ones they caught! Fortunately, the State of New Jersey has supported strict product liability laws since the early 20th century. Here are some ways in which you can hold a product manufacturer accountable….

Failure to Warn

You know that “coffee is hot” warning on your cup? That’s the result of a lawsuit. And while it may seem funny, the fact is, many products don’t have warnings regarding use, misuse, age requirements, potential hazards, poisonous ingredients, and other crucial information. It’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide customers–even unsophisticated ones–with instructions and information to keep them safe.

Manufacturing Defect or Contamination

Those necklaces seem safe–but they contain cadmium. That cheese should be fine–is that listeria? Many product liability cases deal with items which should have been safe but were not, due to a problem at the plant, poor or hazardous materials, or, in the case of food, contamination during processing or packaging.

Design Flaws

Sometimes what seems like a good idea on paper proves dangerous in reality. Small pieces come loose from a toy, becoming choking hazards. A seatbelt attached to the car door doesn’t restrain effectively. Plug-in air fresheners overheat and cause fires. When a product is fundamentally flawed, the manufacturer is liable.

Have you experienced an injury, property damage, or even the death of a family member due to a faulty product? If so, call or visit Jersey Personal Injury to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney specializing in product liability cases to explore your legal options.

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