Police Brutality

They are the heroes from your childhood, the men and women who you’ve trusted to keep you and your loved ones safe, to provide you with the help you need in times of crisis, and to stand up and fight for justice against the criminals that seek to do harm.

Unfortunately, for every good and just police officer, there is one that doesn’t live up to the good guy image. There are those who seek to hurt others and demean others using the power given to them by the people they are supposed to serve.

Police brutality takes on many forms, including physical, emotional, psychological, and social. There are many cases in which those who you trust to protect you hurt you instead.

Police brutality is the use of unnecessary or excessive force during an arrest, questioning, interrogation, or while being detained by members of law enforcement. Brutality includes using police resources (facilities, personnel, equipment, or training) to abuse (physically, emotionally, or psychologically) those who are in police custody or are involved in a case.

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