Motor Vehicle Accident

Accidents happen. In the state of New Jersey, they happen a lot. It doesn’t take much; a careless moment, a long day, poor road conditions–and you can end up meeting another driver (or more) the hard way. What now?

First, remain calm and, if you can, get out of your car to check on passengers and others involved. Call for medical assistance (even if everyone says they’re fine) and provide any necessary aid. If at all possible, clear the roadway, although you (and the other drivers) may wish to take pictures for insurance purposes as well. You will also want to call the police; official accident reports create a record for future insurance or legal questions.

When dealing with the other people involved in a motor vehicle accident, it’s important to control your emotions, even if you’re very upset. Losing your temper or becoming hysterical can create more problems. Exchange names, contact numbers, insurance information, and driver’s license numbers. Never say anything that suggests you accept blame–even you feel responsible, or want to be conciliatory. Accidents happen so quickly, your view of the situation may not be accurate; instead, give your story to the officials who are trained to assign fault.

After you get home, call your insurance company. Visit the doctor; some injuries don’t show up right away. Save all of the paperwork the accident generates. And consider calling a personal injury lawyer. Remember, insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible. You may need the skills of an experienced New Jersey personal injury team to obtain the monetary damages you need to cover accident-related expenses and replace lost income. With the qualified legal help you’ll find through Jersey Personal Injury, you’ll be able to put your motor vehicle accident in the rearview mirror.

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