Machinery/Assembly Line Injuries

Sometimes it’s comforting to have a job where you do the same thing. Every day, you know just what to expect. Except you didn’t expect that repetitive motion injury. Now you’re preparing a workers’ compensation claim, wondering what’s next.

Workers’ Compensation

Your workers’ compensation claim should proceed smoothly, providing medical care and financial help until you return to work. Sometimes, however, your employer’s insurance company may balk at paying, claiming your injury isn’t work-related, that it occurred due to your negligence, or you’ve waited too long to file a claim. If so, contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer to fight for the benefits to which you’re entitled.


You may find that, despite the best treatment, your carpal tunnel, herniated disc, or other injury won’t allow you to return to work. If so, you’ll need legal representation. Retain a personal injury lawyer with workers’ compensation experience. She’ll help you gather and submit the objective evidence the law requires to support your claim for permanent benefits.

Third-Party Negligence

Many machinery/assembly line injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, are simply part of the job. Occasionally, however, a workplace injury is due to faulty machinery, poorly made equipment, or other substandard materials. If you suspect that one of these is to blame for your injury or illness, contact a personal injury attorney to set up a free consultation exploring your evidence and options. You may be able to file suit against the equipment or materials manufacturer and, in so doing, obtain–not just a financial settlement–but the chance to spare others your painful experience.

Machinery/assembly line injuries may be part of the job, but they don’t need to determine the course of your life. Have questions? Call a New Jersey personal injury attorney, or visit Jersey Personal Injury today.

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