Dog Bite Injury

We like to think of dogs as “man’s best friend.” Unfortunately, each year, thousands of Americans–often children–learn this is not always true. Dog bites are terrifying, damaging, expensive, and occasionally lethal. Here’s what you should do to avoid being bitten–and what you should do if you are….

Avoiding Dog Bites

It’s important, first, to realize any dog will bite. Don’t pet a dog until he’s had a chance to sniff you. Teach children never to bother any dog (even a pet) when it’s eating, chewing, sleeping, or caring for puppies. Don’t bother dogs who are confined, whether on a chain, in a yard or kennel, or in a car. Avoid strays and, if a dog threatens you, never run–you’ll trigger its chasing instinct; instead, keep your eyes and hands down and back away slowly. If attacked, put anything into the dog’s mouth to keep it from reaching your body; curl up and stay quiet. Should you suffer a dog bite, disinfect the wound and see a doctor; always contact animal control.

Dog Bite Liability

Next? Call a New Jersey personal injury lawyer. It doesn’t matter if this was the dog’s first bite, or if the owner didn’t know it was dangerous. A dog bite injury has serious consequences, both medically and psychologically. There’s the risk of infection, surgeries, and other treatment costs. Often, homeowner’s insurance will cover your expenses, but what if the dog owner isn’t insured–or insurance refuses to pay all of your costs? If the dog didn’t bite, but you were seriously injured by its jumping, contact a personal injury attorney about possible owner negligence. A dog attack is a frightening experience, often leaving permanent physical and psychological scars; let an experienced Jersey personal injury lawyer recover the damages you deserve.

When you contact a personal injury attorney through Jersey Personal Injury, you’ll feel confident that your “dog” in the fight, is the bigger one.

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