Discrimination is defined as ascribing a negative identity to a person or group based on differences, or when a person or group defines themselves by what they are not.

There are so many different levels and types of discrimination that you can get bogged down in the research, but if you feel that you’re a victim of discrimination, you need to contact Jersey Personal Injury immediately. You will be paired with a New Jerseypersonal injury lawyer who will help answer your questions, look over your case, and advise you on your rights.

Where can discrimination take place?

Discrimination can take place anywhere and anytime, but most often discrimination can happen in the workplace, in social settings, and in retail stores and restaurants. Recently, more and more people are stepping forward and filing charges against hospitals, churches, and schools citing that policies or employees discriminate against them and violate their rights.New Jerseypersonal injury lawyers from JerseyPersonalInjury.com have battled against big corporations and individuals who have discriminated against others.

What are the different types of discrimination?

Unfortunately, there are many different types of discrimination, and they include:

  • Race – Discrimination based on color or heritage
  • Social Class – Discrimination based on income level or social standing
  • Gender – Discrimination based on gender
  • Religion – Discrimination based on religious beliefs or affiliation
  • Nationality–Discrimination based on your country of origin
  • Political Affiliation – Discrimination based on your choice of political party
  • Social Issues – Discrimination based on your social beliefs (pro-life, pro-choice, gay marriage, stem cell research, gun control, global warming, energy alternatives, etc…)
  • Lifestyle Choices – Discrimination based on your lifestyle choices (gay, lesbian, transgender, etc…)
  • Age – Discrimination based on your age (the elderly)
  • Disability – Discrimination based on physical or mental disabilities
  • Physical Attributes – Discrimination based on physical attributes (hair color, eye color, height, weight, accent, or distinguishing marks)
  • Job – Discrimination based on your choice of employment

When the Civil Rights Act was first signed into law in 1964, you were given the right to fight against discrimination of all types. Today, civil rights laws, equal opportunity employment laws, and other anti-discriminatory laws are in place to provide victims of discrimination a way to fight back.

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