Defective Drugs

We’re most vulnerable when we’re ill. And when we’re given medication, prescription or OTC, we depend on it to help us. We certainly don’t think it will do us harm.

Occasionally, as in the case of an allergy, dangerous side effects are a surprise, wholly accidental. As the push to profit from new medications increases, however, many drugs which may not have survived lengthier FDA scrutiny have entered the market, as have generics which don’t pass the high standards set for them. Add to these the many OTC formulations meant to provide energy, weight-loss, or other remedies, and you have many medications which are neither safe nor effective. They are, in fact, defective drugs.

Many people who have suffered serious injuries caused by defective drugs find themselves part of a class-action lawsuit. A class action suit groups together plaintiffs with similar complaints against a defendant (in this case, a drug company). Should the class win, the damages (after expenses are paid) are distributed between the members proportionate to their individual injuries. Should the suit fail, however, the plaintiffs are barred from suing the defendant individually, or from filing a new class action.

A New Jersey personal injury lawyer specializing in drug liability will tell you if a class action exists for the defective drugs you were given. If so, she may advise you to become part of it. If, however, your injuries were severe, or you lost a family member, it may be in your best interests to pursue a lawsuit as an individual. This can be a long process; remember, however, that by filing suit, you are bringing attention to the dangers of that drug, possibly forcing it off the market, saving others from the same horrific experience. Questions? Set up a free consultation today by visiting Jersey Personal Injury.

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