Construction Accident

Serious falls.Electrocution.Being hit by falling debris.Explosions.Exposure to hazardous chemicals.Equipment disasters. These are only a few of the possible dangers you encounter every day, working on a construction site. Even with OSHA compliance, good supervision, and careful workers, a construction site is still dangerous. Accidents still happen. What if one happens to you?

Workers’ Compensation

New Jersey has a workers’ compensation program to cover the medical and financial costs of a construction accident. Because the program is “no fault,” you won’t need to prove employer negligence to collect medical care and wage replacement benefits. Occasionally, an employer’s insurance company will contest your workers’ compensation claim, and should you need to go on permanent disability, the court will place the burden of proof on you. If you’ve suffered a serious construction accident, therefore, it’s in your best interests to consult a New Jersey personal injury attorney.

Third-Party Negligence

Just because you receive workers’ compensation benefits without establishing fault doesn’t mean that you don’t have a tort claim. Occasionally, a construction accident can be attributed to faulty equipment or flawed materials, bringing the manufacturer of those items into the equation. They are not covered by the “no fault” provision. If your injury or illness is the result of an equipment malfunction or poorly-constructed materials, you can pursue a claim for damages. To do this, you should retain a personal injury lawyer with experience in construction litigation. He’ll review your case using the firm’s team of experts, pursue a settlement, and go to court if necessary. Remember, personal injury cases are typically handled on a contingency basis; you’ll only pay if you collect.

Construction accidents are terrible events; don’t face the consequences alone. Call a personal injury lawyer, or visit Jersey Personal Injury to discuss your case today.

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