Bus Accidents

Every year, American’s spend countless hours on a bus covering billions of miles of road combined. Millions of passengers step up into a passenger bus, whether public transit or motor coach, and in some cases, those passengers are seriously hurt in a bus accident. Whether you’re taking a bus tour, taking a bus trip to visit a relative, or taking a New Jersey city bus to work, you are putting yourself and your safety into the hands of the bus driver and the heavy machinery he/she operates.

What are the facts?
Bus accidents happen daily all over the US, and some of those occur right in New Jersey, but that doesn’t make you a statistic, it makes you a victim. If you were injured in a bus accident, you need to seek legal help from Jersey Personal Injury, and speak with a New Jersey personal injury lawyer who knows the ins and outs of bus accident cases and the laws put in place to protect the victims.

What are the different types of bus accidents?
There are several different types of bus accidents. The cases depend on the type of bus used in the accident, and the type of accident. There are accidents involving privately owned motor coaches, and there are accidents involving city or county owned public transportation. The different types of accidents are caused by the size of the buses, the lack of proper safety restraints, and under trained or over worked drivers.

Rollovers, collisions, falls, or other tragic accidents can occur on a bus, and when they happen to you, you need to know your rights. Knowing your rights can be tricky because personal injury law is a large and very complicated area of law, but speaking with a highly qualified personal injury lawyer is the first step to getting your life back after a bus accident injury.

What are my rights?
After a bus accident you have the right to sue for damages, medical bill payment, and even wrongful death due to injury in a bus accident. If you want more information on where to go from here, please contact JerseyPersonalInjury.com and speak with a New Jersey personal injury lawyer with years of experience and a desire to those responsible pay for their carelessness.

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