Brake Failure

You’ve always been meticulous about car maintenance. You replace parts on schedule, and never let a shimmy or rattle go unchecked. Yet when you went to brake that rainy night, the pedal hit the floor…and you didn’t stop. Or perhaps, as you waited for help to arrive after your car was hit by a delivery truck, you watched as the other driver shook his head, repeating to himself, “It wouldn’t stop.” Why? It just doesn’t make sense.

Brake Failure and Product Liability

If your brakes failed, causing an accident, a manufacturing defect could be to blame. Whether this occurred in one particular group of brakes, or was due to an inherent design flaw, New Jersey law holds the manufacturer liable for the defect–and any injuries it causes. By bringing suit against the company, an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer can win damages for you, while at the same time bringing these defects to the public’s attention.

Brake Failure and Negligence

It’s also possible that the brakes themselves were not faulty, but was installed incorrectly, or that the mechanic missed a potential problem. In this case, the mechanic’s shop or dealership should be held responsible for its negligence. Your personal injury attorney should be able to ascertain whether one–or both–of these situations occurred.

What Next?

If you suspect that your brake failure was due to product defect or a mechanic’s negligence, you need to discuss your case with a Jersey personal injury attorney. Using experts such as accident reconstructionists, your attorney will examine DOT safety inspection reports, accident records, and other evidence to discover what–and who–was really to blame for your accident, and recover damages accordingly. The statute of limitations does apply, however; call or visit Jersey Personal Injury for a free consultation today.

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