Automobile Accident

Through no fault of your own, you were in an automobile accident. One minute you were driving to work, jamming to some classic–well, ok, your daughter’s tweenybopper cd–the next, you’re in the hospital. The thought of lost wages, coupled with the cost of medication, doctor visits and rehabilitation hurts almost as much as your shattered pelvis. Oh, who are we kidding? They hurt more. But that’s what insurance is for, right?


In New Jersey, your car insurance will typically pay your medical bills. However, you’ll face other expenses for which you deserve compensation. To protect your interests, therefore, contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer through Jersey Personal Injury as soon as possible after the accident. When the negligent party’s insurance company contacts you, refer them to your attorney. People often forget that insurance companies are not beneficent; they’re in the business to make money. What may seem like a generous settlement may be a fraction of what you’re entitled to. Your personal injury attorney, with working with experts (private investigators, accident reconstructionists, medical professionals), can determine the degree of negligence involved and estimate the present and future costs of your accident. Uncomfortable about taking someone to court?That’s normal, but remember: you’re not suing the individual, but the insurance company, asking the court to require them to fulfill their agreement to provide coverage. Chances are, your suit will be settled out of court in a flurry of attorney communications, no courtroom drama required. Concerned about fees? Your case will be handled on a contingency basis, meaning the attorney doesn’t collect if you don’t win. This ensures everyone can obtain legal representation, regardless of income. You have only two years from your automobile accident date to file suit however; contact a personal injury lawyer today!

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