Air Bag Injuries

Air bags are one of the automotive industry’s great inventions. Every year, they save thousands of lives; we feel safer when we drive a car that has them.

How tragic, then, is it, when an airbag damages the life it was designed to save?

How Airbags Harm

It’s long been known that, simply by deploying quickly (at speeds as high as 200 mph), airbags can cause severe head and neck trauma, particularly in children and shorter adults. There are other types of airbag injuries as well: hearing loss caused when the bag deploys; chemical or friction burns, and broken bones. An airbag’s sensor can fail, causing it to deploy for no reason, causing an accident or severe injuries. Improper calibration can also cause it to fail to deploy altogether, with disastrous results.

How a Lawyer Can Help

If you or a family member has suffered serious airbag injuries, consider discussing your case with a New Jersey personal injury attorney. She’ll use her firm’s expert resources to determine whether manufacturer negligence or other liability was involved. It’s important to realize that medical bills (which may have been covered by your auto insurer) are not all that’s at stake. Airbag and/or automotive manufacturers should be held accountable for faulty products or flawed designs. If public pressure–including that of lawsuits– is not brought to bear on them, they’ll continue to choose profit over public safety. Your personal injury lawyer will help you decide if you should join a class-action suit (common in product liability cases), or if a separate claim would best serve your interests. Remember, most personal injury cases are pursued on a contingency basis; you don’t owe legal fees unless you win. Call today for a free consultation with a Jersey personal injury lawyer through Jersey Personal Injury.

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