Salem County

Holding Salem as its county seat, Salem County is situated in the southwest corner of New Jersey and is bounded by the Delaware River and Bay to its west, the Maurice River to its east, Oldmans Creek to its north and Stow Creek to its south. Salem County is quite lush and beautiful with many natural features such as six rivers, over 34,000 acres of meadow and marshland as well as tidal and freshwater wetlands. Salem County also boasts 40 lakes, ponds, streams, dunes, expansive woodlands and beautiful bay beaches. Salem County covers roughly 338 square miles with about half of that devoted to active farmlands. With a population of roughly 66,000, Salem County earns the title of the lowest population and density per square mile in New Jersey.

Salem County’s population of roughly 66,083 classify themselves as: 81% White, 15% African American, 4% Hispanic or Latino American and 1% Asian; as well as a small percentage being comprised of those considering themselves to be of another or a combination of races.

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Salem County contains both incorporated and unincorporated communities including:

  • Alloway
  • Carneys Point
  • Elmer
  • Elsinboro
  • Lower Alloways Creek
  • Mannington
  • Oldmans
  • Penns Grove
  • Pennsville
  • Pilesgrove
  • Pittsgrove
  • Quinton
  • Salem
  • Upper Pittsgrove
  • Woodstown

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